a record of success within government agencies and the courts

Navigating the halls of federal agencies can be a daunting experience, and deciding when its time to head to court, even more so. Kenneth Martin knows the process inside and out and gets his clients the results they need.  With more than three decades of government contracting experience, Attorney Martin knows how to navigate the government contracting claims and disputes processes, and is well experienced in working with agency contracting officers to achieve successful outcomes. However, if negotiation fails, Mr. Martin is also well experienced in advocacy before the various Boards of Contract Appeals and other courts when needed to secure positive outcomes for his clients.

  • Federal government contracting laws and procurement procedures
  • Contract proposal reviews and strategic use of protests
  • Related corporate law, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Claims before federal courts and procurement agencies
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and statutes
  • DCAA audit process
  • Employment and post-employment policies
  • Negotiating contracts, developing contract strategies and resolving contract issues