Mr. Martin is a former Air Force Contracting Officer, and currently a lawyer with 30 years of experience providing legal representation to government contracting clients.  His vast legal and operational work experience makes him uniquely qualified to guide clients through the procurement process, from reviewing solicitations to ensure clients receive a full and fair opportunity to compete, formation of contractor teams, negotiation and drafting of teaming agreements and subcontracts, and client compliance with contractual requirements and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Mr. Martin has extensive experience handling bid protests, prime/subcontractor litigation, claims and disputes, and defense of enforcement matters, including suspension and debarment matters, and government audits and investigations.  His experience includes cost and pricing data analysis, data rights and intellectual property protection, compliance with federal contracting labor laws, commercial and federal contract litigation, construction contract administration and litigation, preparation and pursuit of Requests for Equitable Adjustment and submission and prosecution of certified contract claims.  Mr. Martin has appeared numerous times before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, Boards of Contract Appeals, and the General Accountability Office.

Mr. Martin has extensive experience providing legal support to small businesses to ensure their compliance with the Small Business Administration regulations; including SBA’s size standards and affiliation rules, 8(a) company qualifications and set-asides, and size appeals.  Because of his operational experience as a former Contracting Officer, and his experience gained over a 30-year legal career, Mr. Martin is well qualified to achieve the best results for his clients.

The Procurement Process is Critical

Unless you understand how federal regulations can impact your company both pre-award and post-award, you may be in for some expensive surprises. Every aspect of your business is impacted when you perform government contracts. Contractors must comply with applicable minimum wage regulations under the Service Contract Act, the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act, and the Davis-Bacon Act. Contractors must also comply with small business size regulations and affiliation rules. Compliance with cost accounting regulations and rules applicable to defective pricing are mandatory in many instances, and contractor integrity requirements necessitate on-going employee oversight and education. Contractor's need to take care to protect themselves and their intellectual property in the teaming arrangements and in their subcontracts. The road to successful government contracts is paved with failed companies who did not understand these rules and regulations, and the methods and means available to obtain equitable treatment and fairness.

Mr. Martin handles the following government contract issues:
•    Claims
•    Bid protests
•    Subcontracting
•    Teaming agreements, preparation and review. 
•    Construction Contracting and compliance with Davis Bacon Act
•    Commercial contracting
•    Export control and ITAR compliance
•    Development of compliance programs to protect against violations of government contract laws
•    Service contracts and compliance with Service Contract Act
•    Resolution of conflict of interest issues
•    Freedom of Information Act matters
•    Alternative dispute resolution in government contracts
•    Defense support of contract fraud charges, including false claims and false statements
•    Cost accounting and allowable costs
•    GSA schedule contracting
•    Prime / subcontractor agreements and disputes
•    Litigation of commercial claims
•    Termination of default convenience
•    Small business and socioeconomic programs and participation
•    Suspension and debarment

Excluded from the legal and support services Mr. Martin provides, Mr. Martin does not participate in clients’ or prospective clients’ proposal preparation activities, including proposal writing and review activities, and he does not participate on red teams formed for the purpose of reviewing proposals.