Employment Law SERVICES for Management

As part of the bundle of business law services we offer, The Martin Law Firm, PLLC, answers questions and gives legal advice on employment law matters for its government contracting and commercial clients. With some specific exceptions, our law firm does not represent employees in employment law matters.  Sound employer-employee relationships and employment agreements create a strong foundation for smooth business operations. The reverse is also true. Employment disputes can be disruptive and expensive when businesses delay in making a strong and sound response.

Preventing employment law disputes is almost always more cost-effective than resolving them. Our law firm is known for developing strong working relationships with the companies we serve. The better we know our business clients, the better we can determine the best legal strategies to help them avoid employment disputes.

After analyzing your current employment policies and practices, we may recommend tools such as:

  • Review of compliance with the minimum wage standards of the Davis Bacon Act, the Walsh-Hilly Act, and other wage and hour regulations for companies with government contracts
  • Drafting employment agreements for executives, with clear terms laying out separation, authority, severance, and allowable causes for termination
  • Developing confidentiality and non-compete agreements that conform to current legal standards in order to protect intellectual property and other proprietary information
  • Developing clear, enforceable and protective employment policies
  • Reviewing current employee benefits plans
  • Employee and management education and training
  • Performing regular reviews and audits of employment practices
  • Representing employers in employment contract disputes
  • When an executive alleges wrongful discharge, or when a worker claims that a company has failed to comply with Fair Labor Standards Act or wage standards required for government contracting, we can assist you in resolving the issue. We have the skills and resources to effectively defend our business clients' interests in negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and formal litigation.