A-to-Z Legal Services for Government Construction Contractors

Construction companies that fulfill government contracts must bid for and manage their projects following countless special steps required by federal law and regulations. Contractors must understand reporting and compliance requirements, the applicability of minimum wage and fringe benefit labor provisions, the collective bargaining process, progress reporting, notification of changes and differing site conditions, contract financing and getting paid on time and at the prices agreed to in their government contracts. Without advance guidance, government construction contractors risk running afoul of one or more government construction laws or regulations — which can result in assessment of liquidated damages, labor law related penalties and, potential prohibition from bidding on future government contracts.

We provide a full range of services for our construction company clients, providing advice and legal representation on all aspects of construction contracting:

  • Preparing and negotiating teaming agreements
  • Obtaining bonds in compliance with Miller Act requirements
  • Negotiation of subcontracts, either on behalf of the general contractor or a subcontractor
  • Informal and formal audits of subcontractors to ensure their compliance with applicable federal regulations
  • Ensure compliance with the minimum wage requirements of the Davis Bacon Act
  • Review of specifications and submitting formal and detailed objections when necessary to address and remedy changes, differing site conditions; acceleration orders and other customer directives
  • Representing contractors during government inspections to protect against overreaching or attempts to secure work outside the scope of the contract
  • Negotiating progress schedules, payment milestones,change orders, schedule exceptions and extension requests
  • Comprehensive preparation of convenience termination proposals to maximize cost recovery
  • Responding to cure notices related to asserted defective or untimely performance
  • Responding to show cause notices and threats of default termination
  • Maximizing cost recovery for change orders
  • Obtaining contract financing
  • Preparing Assignment of Claims and lock box arrangements to facilitate advantageous teaming arrangements and financing terms
  • Get answers to questions about government construction laws

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to government construction laws. In almost every case it is much more cost-efficient to obtain early, thorough legal advice to prevent problems with government construction contracts than it is to cure problems after they arise.