Attorney Kenneth Martin is a government contracting lawyer whose professional career began as an Air Force contracting officer. Mr. Martin learned from the inside how the government crafts its contracts, and how it handles contract problems that arise. With more than three decades of government contracting experience, Attorney Martin knows how to navigate the government contracting claims and disputes processes and is well experienced with working with agency contracting officers to achieve successful outcomes. Mr. Martin understands the value of negotiation to maintain positive customer relations but is also well experience and ready and able to provide effective advocacy before the various Boards of Contract Appeals when necessary to secure positive outcomes for his clients.

Located in McLean, Virginia, The Martin Law Firm is geographically positioned and dedicated to representing clients nationwide through each stage of claims process, from the preparation of the claim, requests for Contracting Officer final decisions, and through the appeals stage if and when necessary. Mr. Martin has litigated dozens of claims and default termination appeals before the Boards of Contract Appeals.

The Martin Law Firm is well experienced handling a variety of claims and legal issues, including the following:

  • Preparation of Requests for Equitable Adjustment
  • Claim preparation, negotiation and settlement
  • Litigation and appeals
  • Defense of Government Claims
  • Determination and Presentation of damages
  • Contract terms disputes
  • Department of Labor Wage claims
  • Construction claims
  • Cost disallowance
  • Defective pricing claims
  • Constructive changes
  • Change orders
  • Modifications
  • Negotiation of change orders
  • Prompt Payment Act disputes and payment claims
  • Terminations
  • Small Business Size Appeals
  • Non-payment of invoices
  • Performance disputes
  • Contract delay claims
  • Acceleration claims
  • Liquidated damages claims defense
  • Incurred costs claims
  • Defense of Government Incurred Cost Claims
  • Audit Support